ICAgile Fundamentals training (ICP)

Start your Agile journey with an international certified professional certification!

Course Focus

Our ICAgile Fundamentals course is now live online and takes place over 3 days (3 sessions of 3 hours each).

This customisable course is jam-packed with fun and interactive activities tailored to fit your needs and covers the history of Agile, the Agile Manifesto, the Agile principles, and some widely applied frameworks and practices. ICAgile's fundamentals learning objectives delve into key concepts such as adaptive planning, value-driven development, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement. You will come away with a solid understanding of core concepts to set you on your Agile path.

The ICAgile Fundamentals course concentrates on the Agile mindset, values, principles and foundational Agile concepts. It also focuses on what it means to be Agile and achieve organisational agility with an introduction to a few popular Agile frameworks.

Upcoming Courses

  • 28 Aug
    ICAgile Fundamentals (ICP)
    Dynamic Tech House, Melrose, Johannesburg
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    R5,850.00 excl. VAT

What to Expect


  • Price: R5,850 excl. VAT per person
  • Course duration: 1 day course (In-class) Offered as a live online course over 3 days - 3 sessions – 3 hours each
  • There will be a short introduction and technical check on the day before the course starts. Details to follow on registration

Who should

If you have the knowledge and experience in developing or managing software delivery projects or teams but are not familiar with Agile yet, then we recommended this course. This course is an introduction to Agile and will foster a common understanding of the topic. It is suited for all roles within the IT environment.


  • The history of Agile.
  • Value-driven development and adaptive planning techniques.
  • Collaboration with customers within organisations and teams.
  • The benefits of Agile and how to avoid common pitfalls.
  • The value of continuous feedback, learning, and adaptation for products, processes, teams, and organisations.
  • Introduction to the various Agile frameworks.
  • Culture and the Agile mindset.
  • Shifts in roles and responsibilities
  • Collaboration, learning and improving
  • Agile documentation and governance
  • Estimating the big WHEN
  • Emergent Architecture
  • Integration! Integration! Integration!

ICP Certification

  • The ICP is foundational and is the basis for ICAgile training tracks focused on software development and delivery.
  • The ICP certification is internationally recognised.
“Agile Fundamentals emphasises that Agile is a mindset, not a single methodology or framework.”

Top 3 reasons fortaking a course:

Practical guidance from first-hand experience.

Over a decade implementing Scrum in dozens of organisations means that Iain’s guidance is grounded in real world challenges and is highly practical.

DVT 25 Years of Service