Advanced Certified ScrumMaster Training

Are you ready to turbocharge your ScrumMaster skills, knowledge and experience?

Course Focus

Take pole position through a combination of attending one or more workshops, collaborating with your fellow learners, mentoring from a highly experienced ScrumMaster, self-reflecting and applying your new learnings on the job.

What you will receive:

  • 3 days of high-quality instruction from two highly experienced Scrum practitioners, including one leading Certified Scrum Trainer®
  • Pit stops for refreshments before and during the course, including lunch
  • Course materials
  • Ongoing mentoring to help accelerate your deep learning through application of techniques and practices.

Upcoming Courses

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course, please check back soon for updated course dates or contact us to book a private course.

What to Expect


  • Price: R19,900 excl. VAT per person
  • Course duration: 3 Days
  • Location: Johannesburg, Cape Town

How to

To certify as an A-CSM® you must hold a current Certified ScrumMaster certification obtained through Scrum Alliance and have 1 years’ experience as a ScrumMaster. If you do not hold a current CSM certification, please contact us to discuss your options.

A-CSM is part of the Scrum Alliance Path to CSP® programme.

Who should

This programme is aimed at all practising ScrumMasters who want to cultivate winning teams and organisations and is open to all current ScrumMasters.

Top 3 reasons fortaking a course:

Practical guidance from first-hand experience.

Over a decade implementing Scrum in dozens of organisations means that Iain’s guidance is grounded in real world challenges and is highly practical.

DVT 25 Years of Service