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DVT’s Microsoft application development services provides you with the experienced developers or fully formed development teams you need to deliver on your Microsoft Application development projects.
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Microsoft Partner Digital & App Innovation Azure
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Your Microsoft IT staff and skills needs met. Today.

DVT has an extensive track record of customised software solutions that leverages the power of Microsoft technologies for software development, DevOps, Azure Cloud, BI, Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning.

Microsoft Partner Digital & App Innovation Azure
Microsoft Partner Data & AI Azure

Partnering with Microsoft has afforded DVT an edge in exceptional technology and solutions through their extensive service and solution offering. Our commitment to developing bespoke software solutions for Microsoft Azure using the Microsoft development frameworks, along with building cloud-native and Cloud-ready solutions while adhering to our Cloud Adoption product delivery framework means that DVT is empowered to deliver excellence through customer software to our global customer base.

Damian Potter
Executive Head: Development, Data and Solutions
Damian Potter, Executive Head: Development, Data and Solutions

Our Microsoft Solutions

Use DVT’s Microsoft Services to rapidly scale up your development capacity and deliver against your Microsoft development requirements. Our service provides you the team you need to address your backlog of requirements or undertake new functionality / product development. No recruitment needed. Tap into our extensive development service capacity to form the team you require for the duration you require. Starting now.

Remote software development teams, hybrid or on-site?

DVT is able to provide both remote or on-site Microsoft developers to our clients globally. We do recommend a remote-first approach as our experience has shown productivity and team-cohesion in remote delivery is not only possible but highly effective.

Hybrid models (both remote and on-site) are similarly successful and allow for team co-location at key times such as innovation sessions, team builds and planning. Fully on-site team services are available as needed.

Whether you require a single skilled developer or a large team to rapidly deliver on your Microsoft technology projects, the DVT team is ready to be of service to you.

"Quality technical staff"

"Breath of fresh air"

"Invaluable part of the team"

"Can be trusted to take on highly dynamic & difficult to define work"

"People are highly skilled professional & awesome"

"Extremely professional, adaptable & flexible"

"An integral part of our team and their support has been superb"

"The agile toolkit & mindset is an invaluable enabler"

"Went above & beyond the expectation"

"Instrumental in creating ambassadors & embedding agile discipline"

"Formed a highly effective & efficient team that aims to flexibly achieve a shared goal"

"World-class mobile platform in record time"

"Magic started to happen"

"Professionalism, focus & dedication"

"Impressed with their familiarity of Agile methodology"

"One of our valuable partners"

"Excellent partner with quick professional solutions."

"Quality technical staff and consulting, backed by friendly & professional management."

"Professional consulting and collaboration. Realised our requirements."

"Committed to success, delivers on their promise to create cutting edge technology."

"Comforting to have such a professional partner on call to help you."

"Creativity delivered what others couldn't; cost-effective and timely."

"To say that we were impressed would be an understatement."

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