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Beyond Digitalisation: Navigating the New Normal

Published in Digitisation
Monday, 21 June 2021 12:18
Once upon a time, digitalisation was all the rage. Digital transformation was the holy grail, and everyone went searching for it. It became a way of life for organisations, both traditional and new, underpinned by major tech trends captured in smart acronyms like SMAC (Social Media, Mobile Devices, Analytics and the Cloud) that had everyone towing the same line.
Business analysis is a fast-growing and exciting field that takes advantage of the latest technology in machine learning and data analysis. A business analyst helps businesses and organisations improve their processes, products, software, and services through data and business analysis. A business analyst is a career with significant opportunity and flexibility due to its universal skills. Your career as a business analyst can grow into senior management positions right up to the chief executive officer of a company.
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