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Case study for vehicle monitoring mobile solution in the vehicle tracking and recovery industry

Mobile apps for vehicle tracking make the tracking process simpler and benefit fleet managers. A recent statistic shows that with mobile apps for fleet management and a vehicle tracking system achieved these benefits
• 15 % service profitability increase
• 14.8% reduces the average travel time per job
• 9.9 % decrease in overtime pay
• 13.2 % reduction in fuel costs


Vehicle tracking and recovery


Enterprise mobility

Business Challenge

Altech Netstar, a leading provider of vehicle tracking and recovery services in South Africa, needed a mobile application for their customers for fleet management and vehicle location tracking on Android and iOS mobile devices. The application required features such as user authentication, locating the user's vehicles on a map, seeing trip replays, marking individual trips as business or private, and remote arming/disarming of the security devices.

DVT Solution

DVT designed and developed a mobile app custom software solution. The solution was developed for both an Apple Objective C and Android platform.


  • Objective C
  • Android

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