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South African Tech: Cause To Be Proud

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South African Tech: Cause To Be Proud
Chris Wilkins

South African Tech: Cause To Be Proud

Chris Wilkins, Group CEO of DTH - post-Brexit UK Tech's new offshore partner!
Chris Wilkins
Group CEO of DTH - post-Brexit UK Tech's new offshore partner!

In spite of the many and obvious wrongs in political and social South Africa, there are many reasons to rejoice at the big hearts and generous spirits around us.

The team at DVT SA has built a company that, considering the gross imbalances in our society, reflects an amazing disparity of culture, gender and race. It's not good enough to think about it. In South Africa, we have to act on it. Nor is it appropriate to simply ignore it. So we have to say it like it is. Moreover, it’s down to individuals and private business to make the changes that make a real difference to those that need it the most.

The action is all about providing jobs for many disadvantaged people that would normally struggle to break into the IT industry. After their first year of productive work, graduates and school leavers have at least a 50% better chance of getting their next job.

DVT has found a creative way to employ inexperienced graduates and school leavers into the technology sector. We bridge the race and gender spectrum, focusing on disadvantaged backgrounds, and bring out the best in those we employ.

As the founder of DVT who understands the enormous challenges of bringing inexperienced youngsters into the high-flying technology industry, I am extremely proud and in total awe of what the team at DVT has achieved over the past five years.

In 2016, and the first part of 2017, we introduced more than 100 new young professionals to the IT industry. This year it is set to exceed that. We don't just touch on these young lives; we touch on all of those around them.

I don't often blow our trumpet so expansively, but this is a wonderful achievement within a true African context and right where it is needed.

I challenge other Tech companies in SA to do the same.

Well done DVT.